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An explanation of the masonry and ICF systems

  • Uses Thermal mass
  • Beam and block solid floors to ground and other floors to give solid construction
  • Partition walls throughout built in block work to give more robust solution
  • Good U Values in external walls
  • Long life of external shell
  • External appearance options are extensive allowing modern, traditional or other forms of design

Thin Joint Masonry

This is a modern method of construction that gives a much faster build system than traditional masonry but still using the inherent advantages of aircrete masonry walls. Thin-Joint block work enables walls to be built very quickly without having to wait the conventional 24 hours for the mortar to set before further loading can be applied.

By utilising the H+H Celcon Ra Build approach we can build all external and partition walls and the complete roof to leave a watertight structure as you would with timber frame and in quick time. This enables block work to be built extremely quickly, and in the case of cavity wall construction independently of the outer leaf.

The Thin-Joint system enables the structure of a building to be built faster and to a better quality, allowing follow-on trades to start work sooner in a weatherproof environment, whilst retaining the flexibility of on-site construction. Fully adopted as the preferred method of wall construction throughout most of Europe, this innovative and award-winning system is now firmly established within the UK.


Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF)

Used as basement or house construction and is a quick and practical method for building insulated structural walls for any type of building. With a proven track record of nearly 40 years worldwide, the lightweight formwork and concrete combination achieves almost any design requirement and the highest performance standards.


Timber Frame

 We offer timber frame package as an option in our design and build approach.

With Several panel systems it offers a wide range of U value applications right up to Pasivhaus.


We can provide a delivery of building in SIPs as an option for our clients.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) is a system that is made in advance before reaching the construction site. It is a core of high performance rigid insulation sandwiched between two sheets of OSB board. The panels are joined together using a insulated jointing system that minimizes air leakages and provides greater consistency with the construction’s overall insulation.


Long life external shell ✓

Flexible design ✓

Thin joint masonry ✓


Timber frame ✓

SIPs  ✓